Sangrur – City of Heritage

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The beautiful exotic robust yields in the fields the loud boisterous laughter, swings in the villages, all put together make a Punjab, the pompous vibrantly Punjab. This winter I took a break and went on a short holiday to Punjab. We offer Punjab Luxury Holiday Packages for friends and families. I was awed by the historical and contemporary rich culture and heritage of this prosperous state. The original Punjab stands divided between India and Pakistan, and in India into Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

The erstwhile Punjab was rich progressive state which witnessed the maximum attacks from the foreign invaders from Afghanistan Mongolia etc. and thereafter the British. Even then it was a priced possession of every ruler, so let’s start exploring one by one.

I started my discovering Punjab journey in a place called Sangrur with a renowned historian Mr. Rajeev Jindal who increased my limited knowledge about the city. The city was the erstwhile capital of the Jind district which comprised of the present Jind (now in Haryana), Chakri Dadri and Sangrur (Punjab). Jind was a rich and prosperous district. The a Diwan Mahal is the central attraction foundation stone was laid by Maharaja Raghuvir Singh and the first darbar was held by Maharaja Ranbir Singh with royalty at its best. The Diwan Hall is still there but needs restoration which is being done by the Punjab Culture and Tourism department .The walls and structure of Diwan Hall are beautifully designed, carved and painted in organically dyed colors, all this tell us about the grandeur of the buildings.

Just opposite to the Diwan Hall is the white marbled Baradari Garden,a very interesting story is around this. I learned from Mr Rajeev that once Maharaja Sangeet Singh ruler of Jind was visiting Maharaja Ranjit in Lahore where he saw and praised the beautiful Baradari Gardens in Lahore to which the chivalrous Maharaja Ranjit Singh gifted Baradari to him. Therefore the gardens came to Sangrur which became the place for the queens .This is an exquisite piece of artwork and design .To get to the main room you have to cross over the collapsible wooden bridge which was built on a water body and which was filled with crocodiles so that no one else dared enter and disturb the king’s precious queens.

In the area between the 2 palaces was the beautifully made garden which in those times flourished with flowers of various colors .An interesting fountain is placed in the middle of the garden which is said to have been got by the king from Kolkata when there was a visit of the British. It is said that the king used to get his tent put up for residence and it is the first double tent in the history of India kings and palaces. Sangrur has the traditional clock tower in the middle of the city. The city also has a memorial for all its rulers Shahi Samadhan. A must visitor some of the ruins of the Badrukhan fort. Gurudwaras and temples tell us the story of this once upon a time princely state. The man behind Jet Airways Mr Naresh Goyal is from this city.

Once upon a time a flourishing city today Sangrur is a simple small town of Punjab with a lot of history which is unexplored. If you have interest in history and exploring the unexplored, Sangrur you can surely add to your wish list. Let’s preserve our heritage & culture tour and legacy.