Personalized Trips to India

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This is the article to read if you are planning for a relaxed, unique tailor-made trip to incredible India.

Different types of personalized trips that are suggested.

Personalized trips: This kind of holiday is basically made around the guest. It is totally around the preferences of the guest be it the destination, hotel and all transfers sightseeing. This kind of a trip is a Luxury Travel & Tours in India. It’s a NO, RUSH Trip it’s a trip meant to suit your ends. Generally people pick on Rajasthan, Kerala as destinations to travel too.

Volunteer trips: A new kind of tourism is picking up in India, which is working with the local communities to give back to the society for a specific period of time. We have people coming to be volunteers for literacy project, for helping the autistic to name a few. They work for some time and take some time off to see the Best Places to Visit in India. Here the places are basically in rural India but close to bigger cities.

Ayurveda and Rejuvenation trips: Rejuvenation is the key to a stress free anxiety free lifestyle that is available in India. With highend resorts to help us detox rejuvenate ourselves, ayurveda massages and yoga /meditation help our mind body and soul to connect in a harmonious string. Extremely popular destinations Cochin, Bangalore to recoup oneself.

Culinary trips: This is a new kind of tourism where people just come to taste or learn the culinary skills to prepare the dishes. Most sort out places Delhi, the capital of India and Hyderabad the city of the Nizams.

Keep watching this space for new updates about the type of trips

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