Day Tour in Chandigarh with the Americans

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Day Tour in Chandigarh with the Americans

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On a warm sunny winter morning, we accompanied 33 rotary Americans volunteers (who had come to visit Chandigarh on a mission to end polio) to explore the beautiful city Chandigarh, a new cosmopolitan city of the north…The Americans all of them Rotarians who believe and profess about selfless service enjoyed their day and luxury tour to India, we all assembled at the club by 1100 has and started with the roller coaster tour of the city

The first stop was the infamous piece of art, creativity and tireless labor of Shri Nek Chand the Rock Garden .The Americans were most fascinated by the thought behind the concept of this. It was a clear day so we had a number of clicks for remembrance.

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From the rock garden we walked for about 10 minutes down the lane to the lake Sukhna lake, I would like to mention here that some of our guests took a ride on the local rickshaws .The lake at its best natural beauty hustled and bustled with the locals, children on swings, hawkers, selling paani puri, chat papri, samosas to pizzas… Paani puri hawker got most of the Americans eating his water balls (as they called)…

After the snacking, the guests made their way to see the Rotary peace monument in the form of open hand the symbol of Chandigarh…it was quite interesting for them to see the peace monument at the prime location of Chandigarh and made by Rotarians…From here we traveled and saw the capitol complex and the High courts…. and the rose garden…. During this season the rose garden is filled with roses of different colors …it’s so refreshing and pleasing to the eyes…
When in Chandigarh it’s a must to go the landmark nostalgic sector 17, the beautifully built shopping complex arena, where time just flies away…..and so it did at about 8 pm in the evening

With a traditional softy (very famous) in each one hand, we bid good night to the 17 plaza, tired exhausted we all reached back to best travel destinations in India…. Still talking about the cleanliness in the city… We exchanged good byes with our guests. Who were simply awed by the tour of Chandigarh some part walking and some part by road… Along with a experience d guide..They all were extremely happy and contented with a fruitful day.

Chandigarh Day Tour

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